RON project overview, roadmap and beyond.

RON SLP token on the BCH SLP protocol.
Built on the SLP, RON is an stable Romanian Leu token for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, a decentralized cryptocurrency with lightning fast transactions.

Our products
To process transactions, customers will be able to use Bitcoin Cash and RON, a utility token, which can be used to purchase, or donate/tip. RON will be Liquid tokens. Customers may also be able to use various other cryptocurrencies.

RON launch (6/6/21)
Bitcoin Cash integration (6/6/21)
Liquid network integration (6/6/21)
UI/UX final integration
Payment channels and prototyping
Testing & Security audit

184.4B RON will ever exist.

Convert 1 Romanian Leu to United States Dollar

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Bitcoin Cash: bitcoincash:qz53vfszsuf9n54zz5wywt4k7frzahtv4gfz2f32e4
Ethereum: 0x569247a59Ec696365289c62FeFe7184f5d1c7303
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Dogecoin: DSCUcYCJ8PP99wvMwx14jvgUKNqxemKeic

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