Braila and Bucharest colocation facility features:
  1. Individually locked cabinets
  2. Conditioned and back-up power
  3. Custom designed video surveillance of every cabinet
  4. Card keyed doors and other onsite security measures


All of our Internet Colocation Facilities are monitored and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with escorted access granted at anytime. Onsite surveillance and key card access assures you that only authorized personnel will be allowed to enter onto the colocation floor or view your servers.

Each cage and cabinets is individually locked, adding extra security in even the most secure facility. In the event that you will need your server worked on or rebooted, you will know exactly who is working on your server and when.

Cross Connects

WhiteHat offers cross connects from your cabinet or server to other cabinets, servers, and carriers.
Connecting to a carrier allows you to use leased lines to directly connect your customers or your office to your equipment in our colocation facility. Connecting between cabinets allows customers with multiple servers to share files and data without having to do it over the public internet. Your shared, private data will travel through a secure, private network assuring you optimal security. This is essentially creating your own LAN within our facility.